Balenciaga's New Destroyed Sneakers Cost An Absurd Amount Of Money

Balenciaga's latest sneakers look beat up but are going from $1,850...

Would you pay $1850 for some sneakers? Especially ones that look like they got eaten by your dog and then left outside for years?

Balenciaga is hoping people will as they have just released new kicks with that price tag. 

Even stranger is that the shoes look worn, torn, destroyed, and dirty. 

And many people on social media are attacking the brand because of it. 

One person said, "Their choice to put these shoes on sale at this price allows rich people to wear poverty as a costume and cosplay the experiences of the poor - those forced to wear shoes like this out of necessity."

Another added, "Balenciaga tryna sell the shoes I threw out last week back to me for $1850." 

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