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Apple's New Software Update Is Bringing These Cool Features To Your iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro Max in Silver and iPhone 12 Pro Max in Pacific Blue

Foto: Getty Images

Apple dropped its newest software update today after the release of the new iPhone 14, and there's a lot of new things available to iPhone users. The new update is available to download for iPhone 8 and up, and has a load of new features, including:

• Customizable lock screens - you can now add widgets to your lock screen like you can on your home screen.

• The ability to unsend and edit iMessages (but only within 15 minutes of sending something! And the person you sent something to can see that you edited the message).

• Multiple stops in Apple maps, so you can add more than one stop to your drive.

• Safety check - you can turn off all your apps with shared settings on at once, making it easier to stay private.

For a more comprehensive list, check out this article.

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