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Oreo's Newest Cookie Is An Oreo Stuffed With More Oreos

Oreo Cookies

Foto: Getty Images

Oreo is coming out with a new limited-edition Oreo, and it's quite the... Oreo.

Dubbed “the Most OREO OREO,” the cookie is made with the usual chocolate wafers, filled (to the “Most Stuf” extreme) with a creme that has Oreo bits mixed in, for a meta cookies-n-creme experience.

So basically, you're taking a blended up Oreo, and putting it inside of another Oreo.

You can now sign up for a presale for the Oreos on the Oreo website, but you can also buy it in stores starting on January 30.

The packages come with a QR code that allows buyers to access online games and chances to win prizes in the "Oreoverse", which is their grand entrance into the Metaverse.

Those with VR headsets can use them to access the Oreoverse. But if you don't have one of those, you can just use your phone or computer, too.

Let me know if you try one!

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