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Senators Quote Taylor Swift During Ticketmaster Hearing


Foto: Getty Images

Following the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster debacle, there was a hearing with a top executive today and Senators quoted Taylor during the hearing.

Now I don't know if all these Senators are Swifties or they just did their homework but either way the internet is loving it.

According to NBC, The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing Tuesday to examine Ticketmaster's outsize role in the ticketing industry.

During the 3 hours hearing Senator Klobuchar opened her remarks with a reference to "All Too Well," a fan favorite, at the start of the hearing.

Mike Lee referenced "You Belong With Me" in his own opening, followed by referring to limited on ticket transfers as a "nightmare dressed like a daydream"

And we can't forget Blumenthal hitting us with an "Anti-Hero" lyric suggesting the company look in the mirror and say, "I'm the problem, it's me."

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